Childish Gambino Announces “Bando Stone & The New World” Release Date, Fans React To “Lithonia”

Childish Gambino has fans feeling as free as he seems on his brand-new single “Lithonia”. The veteran multi-talent just released the lead-off track for Bando Stone & The New World moments ago and it is already receiving heaps of praise. Honestly, it is well deserved, as the song beautifully produced and evokes a lot of emotion. Massive credit goes to Gambino, but also the additional producers who were brought on. They include Ludwig Göransson, Max Martin, and Michael Uzowuru, and the instrumentation perfectly matches the tone of the song. From the grand organ in the beginning to the rockin’ guitar licks, it embodies the feeling you get when you release all the stress off your mind.

It seems like that will be a heavy focus thematically speaking for Gambino on his presumed final album. Donald Glover has stated already that this is essentially the sendoff for his onstage moniker. Additionally, Bando Stone & The New World is going to be the accompanying soundtrack for his film of the same name. He is going to be wearing a lot of different hats, as he is directing, acting, and of course composing. While we now know the release date for the project, July 19, we are all still in the dark about when the movie will land in theaters. Gambino did premiere the trailer just yesterday and it will be about a former musician stranded on an island in an apocalyptic world.

Childish Gambino Has Fans Feeling Something With “Lithonia”

While a lot of people are looking forward to the motion picture, fans are loving what Gambino did on “Lithonia”. The raw emotion on the single is what the internet is loving about it with one person writing, “Finally, music has the IT back. The FEELING is back. We been missin it.” Another adds, “this made me wanna go do something with my life”. With the album coming in just a couple of weeks, the days are going to fly by now as we now know that this is it for Childish Gambino. But we cannot wait to see what kind of note he leaves off on when the time comes.

What are your thoughts on the release date for Bando Stone & The New World? Do you think Childish Gambino has a hit with “Lithonia”, why or why not? Will his final album be his best work yet? How do you feel about that decision? We would like to hear what you have to say, so leave your thoughts in the comments. Additionally, always keep it locked in with HNHH for all of the latest news surrounding Childish Gambino. Finally, stay with us for everything else going on in the music world.