Chris Brown Shares Videos Of Alleged Stalker Making Death Threats: Watch

Chris Brown has been famous for twenty years. He’s one of the best-selling artists of all time, so it stands to reason that he would be a particularly passionate fanbase. Unfortunately, some fans take things too far. Brown shared videos of an alleged stalker on July 9th. The video sees the stalker make reference to members of Brown’s dance team, and the singer does not attempt to hide his concern. “I’m not tryna be mean at all,” he wrote. “But this sh*t is scary!”

The videos get increasingly more intense. The alleged stalker claim that they had an incident with one of Chris Brown’s backup dancers during a show in 2023. It’s innocuous at first, but things take a hard turn when the stalker claims that they understand why people bring guns into shows. “Man, wait til I get my money right,” they said. “If I gotta join a gang, if I gotta do some sh*t I don’t care.” The stalker then flat out states that they want to kill the dancer they were referring to. “Where can I legally kill, because I’m coming for you,” they added. “As soon as I can. Might be twenty years from now.”

Chris Brown Previously Posed For A Photo With This Fan

After idealizing the day that they can “legally kill,” the alleged stalker went on to cite a particular instance at a Chris Brown show where security approached them. This is where the alleged stalker gets especially agitated and begins yelling at the camera. “Bust a move,” they urged. “Bust a f*cking move.” The footage compiled by No Jumper includes a police mugshot of the alleged stalker, with claims that they previously served time for assault and battery in Florida. There’s also a photo of the person with Chris Brown at what appears to be a meet-and-greet event.

The final video that Chris Brown posted on his Instagram sees the alleged stalker being barred from pop-up meet-and-greets. The R&B singer is understandably spooked by what he’s seen. That said, he’s dealt with stalkers in the past. In 2022, an alleged stalker drove a White Tesla onto Brown’s property and crashed into a truck. The singer confirmed the bizarre incident on social media. “Another stalker,” he wrote. “This time these folks done ran into somebody sh*t. Look like the Hulk just placed this truck on top this Tesla.”

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