Chrisean Rock Drags Her Alleged $30K Promo Posts With Fashion Nova: “They Want To Oversaturate My Page”

Chrisean Rock is back on the ‘Gram making claims about her social media movement, and how brand partnerships and promotions are earning her a lot of cash. “Fashion Nova’s a great brand,” she began during what seems like an Instagram Live interview. “I love Fashion Nova. It’s just one thing about them. They asked [for] too many posts. Like, they want to oversaturate my page for…” “The money ain’t matching with the requests?” the interviewer asked.

“I could’ve got 150 or 200,000 out of them, I got 125,” Chrisean Rock answered. “Okay, that’s cool. For, like… what, two posts? Three posts? ‘Cause I post on my page 24 hours, 30,000 a pop, 25,000 a pop. Like, every time you see me do the little brand deals, or it’s me and Blue doing a recording, that s**t was, like, 25, 30,000. Yeah, so I went into the meeting confident with my engagement, all my things lined up. And long story short, I wasn’t really satisfied with it, so I took the upfront money. Did some of the stuff they required, but it was like, they requiring way too much from somebody like me.

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Chrisean Rock Speaks On Her Promo Posts With Fashion Nova

“Like, I’m not an Instagram model,” Chrisean Rock went on. “I got big clout over here, big engagement, so it was like I didn’t feel appreciated enough over there.” “I felt like you should’ve gotten a whole line,” the interviewer proposed. “Yeah, you know, like, it was like they was playing with me a little bit. It would’ve [sold out], but I’m not negotiating nothing with nobody if you don’t understand it.

“I let it do another take, and that’s the other reason why I f**k with Blueface, too,” she concluded. “Because, like, we did our deal talks to other people, like with Zeus and s**t. He did not let them play, he didn’t. That gift he got as being a man, like, ‘Oh yeah, you want to pay that? Oh, we out. Oh, you want to pay now? Alright.’ So me, I started to do that, but I could tell they playing with me, so you see how I’m thugging it out right now. I’m doing what a man would do, but it doesn’t have the same effect.” For more news and the latest updates on Chrisean Rock, stick around on HNHH.

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