Christian Combs’ Girlfriend Posts Intimate Video Following Diddy House Raid

Yesterday, rap fans were shocked by the news that two of Diddy‘s properties in Los Angeles and Miami were being raided by the feds. Even more surprising is that they were being raided because of an ongoing investigation into sex trafficking allegations. Electronics were seized from both properties for the investigation. It represents a few more serious turn from the allegations that had be made against the rapper in various lawsuits across the past few months.

But one person who doesn’t seem all that bothered by the raids is Diddy’s son Christian. He popped up on a recent Instagram live video shared by his girlfriend where the pair are too busy enjoying each other to really notice much else. In the comments, fans react to the hilarious lack of awareness that posting the video right now shows. “Freaky like ya daddy! This ain’t the time son!!” one of the top comments on the post reads. “I mean wtf they suppose to do, stop kissing cause everybody else in some sh*t lmaooo” another fan suggests. Check out the video of the pair below.

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Christian Combs Stays Busy Despite Diddy’s House Raids

Meanwhile, two of Diddy’s other sons Justin and King were at his LA residence overnight. Cameras caught the two of them showing up separately to gather their belongings from the mansion following the raid. Neither seemed to spend any more time than they needed to in the mansion after packing up their things.

Not a whole ton is known about the investigation into Diddy by the federal government at this time. Many were shocked to find out that the investigation existed at all when news of the raids broke yesterday. The fact that they did confirm it was related to allegations of sex trafficking shows how serious the situation could be for the rap mogul. What do you think of Christian Combs and his girlfriend sharing a video of them kissing in the middle of Diddy’s properties getting raided by feds? Let us know in the comment section below.

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