Coi Leray Grabs Fan’s Attention With Raunchy New Selfie

Coi Leray is no stranger to showing skin. Both in public appearances and post to social media the rapper is often sporting considerably skimpy outfits. While there are plenty of fans who love her for it, they also tend to cause controversy. That was the case once again when she took to Twitter with a new picture earlier today. The photo is a mirror selfie that sees the rapper wearing just a hoodie and nothing else while making a modest attempt to cover herself with one hand. It was shared without a caption and sparked a variety of reactions from fans.

Some pulled up in the comments seemingly disappointed by the post. “You’re better than this” one comment suggests. “Female artists don’t even make music no more they just post [cat emoji] on the internet,” another theorizes. But for every comment criticizing her there are multiple comments thirsting over her. Fans shared numerous NSFW pictures and gifs in response to the post. Many made it very clear that Coi’s thirst trap was working on them. Check out the post and the variety of reactions to it below.

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Coi Leray’s Divisive New Picture

Earlier this year, Coi Leray found herself caught up in a beef she didn’t really have much of a say in. Her father Benzino took aim at Eminem and Em found the right place to respond. He appeared on a short song from the new Lyrical Lemonade album back in January. On the song he mostly focuses his venom at Benz, but also uses Coi’s name for a punchline about a potential collaboration.

To Coi Leray’s credit, she tried to take the high road. She made a tweet about not indulging in rap beefs because of how petty and unproductive they feel. What do you think of Coi Leray’s new thirst trap? Do you think her career has more to do with her looks than her rapping ability? Let us know in the comment section below.

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