Curtis Foster – “Slasher’s Delight” (EP Review)

Curtis Foster is a 28-year-old rapper from Chicago, Illinois. Due to the success of his album “INNERTIA”, he already has a sizable fanbase that’s only getting bigger each day. Building on this, Foster is already back with a brand new EP, “Slasher’s Delight”. With six new tracks, can Curtis feed his hungry fans while also gaining new ones?

With hard-hitting flows and a careless demeanor, Curtis Foster is joyfully terrifying on the microphone. Whether it’s the torturing “Mind of a Psycho” or the eerie yet playful “Sick Shit”, his unique approach makes each moment feel more interesting than the last. “Ringmaster” was a definite standout as all of the Chicago MC’s abilities are on full display. The way he is able to switch up his vocal styles in a matter of seconds is reminiscent of a prime Eminem or Denzel Curry. “Slashers” was another highlight as Foster goes head to head with featured artist Alexslander for this fear-mongering energetic banger. Summed up by the menacing outro “Alter Ego” with Novatore, Curtis Foster’s intricate cadences and psychotic charisma makes him one of the best MC’s i’ve heard in a while. 

Behind the boards, there is a gritty soundtrack accompanying Curtis Foster’s crazed performance. Each instrumental is built around a boom-bap base, but they are layered into these grand horror movie like scores. From the haunting choir in the background of “Mind of a Psycho” to the scratches on “Alter Ego”, this is one of the best hip hop horror crossovers of the year. “Slashers” captures the pinnacle of its sonic greatness as its hard-hitting drums and haunted piano makes for a chilling thrill. The track before it, “Camping (Skit)”, adds depth to the project as Curtis’s bloodthirsty character murders two teenagers in the woods (in Micheal Myers fashion). As a whole, there’s little to complain about when it comes to the soundscape of Curtis Foster’s newest effort. 

In summary, “Slasher’s Delight” feels bound to hell, but that’s the beauty of it. Curtis Foster shows his creativity as he plays the role of an absolute freak to the highest degree. Along with his artistic integrity, Foster is a true MC who is multifaceted with his flows, rhyme schemes, and delivery. In the future, it seems Curtis Foster will only go up from here as he’s truly just getting started!

Rating: 8/10

Highlights: Horrifying, Atmosphere, Creativity