Gangsta of The Comrads ft. Big Dutch – “Solid”

The one-and-only Gangsta of The Comrades and Westside Connection returns with a brand new single, titled “Solid,” featuring Big Dutch.

The song sees Gangsta in tip-top lyrical shape, delivering A1 bars while taking listeners on a journey through Lynwood, California over classic West Coast production, assisted by a soulful chorus performed by Big Dutch.

Stream and/or download the single below and stay tuned for updates as the Lynwood, Ca. emcee preps his 2021 campaign.

Shaw Calhoune – “The Rudy Tape” (Album Review)

Shaw Calhoune is a rapper from Maryland who has recently blessed us with his new 9 track album, “The Rudy Tape”. The rapper, known for his heavy hitting bars and boom bap production, enlists the help of some very cool samples from the late, great Rudy Ray Moore, himself. From start to finish, this tape is sprinkled with sound bites of the Godfather of Rap.

“Rudy Moore” is the second track on the project and Shaw delivers a special performance. Several different flows and multi syllable rhyme schemes over production that has you feeling like going for a cruise in a Coupe Deville. This beat is menacing, gritty and gangster. The perfect way to start this project.

“Henny Bottles” is a future classic. Minimal percussion, but a super lush bass laced with a string section and some keys. This is whiskey and cigar music. Shaw’s flow is consistent on this song, reminiscent of a Rick Ross vibe as he uses his lyricism to embody the character of the 70’s pimp, Dolemite. Yes, as far as concept albums go, this is truly impressive.

“Changing of The Guard” is another stand out. That sax was among my favourite moments in this entire project. Again, this one isn’t heavy on the percussion. But it is big on the horns and the woodwind sections. This gives Shaw Calhoune the opportunity to smoothly ride over the beat, playing with different rhyme schemes and seamlessly switching flows. His gritty delivery gives this song a heavy presence without the need for a hard hitting kick.

If you love samples, boom bap, clever rhyme schemes, story telling lyricism and concept projects; then this is the album you have been waiting for! I am honestly pretty happy that this was the first album that I got to review for the year. Shaw Calhoune has set the bar nice and high. This project had a consistent cadence to it that I haven’t heard in a while. Calhoune used vocal samples from Rudy Moore to really bring everything together and the story telling was masterful. Follow him on Instagram: @shaw_thegreat

Score: 9/10

TNT Tana – “Detour” Da EP

Coming straight out of North Atlanta, rising underground trap artist TNT Tana ends 2020 strong with his latest project drop titled “Detour” Da EP, exclusively available on &  This EP has 4 hard-hitting tracks, sure to impress all underground trap rap fans worldwide!  Make sure to follow him on Instagram @tnt_thereal_tana.

318CHA$E – “Keep Dreamin” (Video)

A true underground emcee on the rise, Louisiana’s very own 318CHA$E drops, “Keep Dreamin“, directed by Lonzel Clark. This song is made for all the starving artists who deserves to be seen in the music game. 318CHA$E is spitting bars and giving knowledge on this track with an amazing flow and aggression to push out this message. To all those who grind hard and get overseen when you are a born star, this is for you.

Cody Manson – “Psychoactive” (Album Review)

Cody Manson is a 30 year old rapper from Cleveland, Ohio who’s been on my radar for a couple of years now. He recently signed with Lyrikal Snuff Productionz & in light of that, we’re being treated to the man’s full-length album.

The title track that kicks the album off speaks on his meaning of such over a trap metal beat whereas the next song “S.T.F.U. (Shut The Fuck Up)” takes aim at his competition over a trap instrumental with some chimes. The track “Bounce” with Bobby Krea sees the 2 getting raunchy over a rubbery beat while the song “Lucy” with Shadow & Ether finds the trio talking about losing their minds over a comatose instrumental.

The track “W.T.F. (What The Fuck?)” with The Fallen Angel & The Irishman sees the 3 talking shit over a bassy beat while the song “Slidin’” tells those to quit speaking on his name over an monstrous instrumental. The track “Tunnel Vision” talks about holding it down for his daughter on the way over a dingy beat while the song “Fast Life” talks about everyone that’s starving to make it over a nocturnal instrumental.

The track “Better Way” with Famz finds the 2 talking about their imperfections over a trap beat with some keys & heavy guitars while the song “Already Dead” gets murderous over a paranormal instrumental. The track “Kool-Aid” with M.M.M.F.D. sees the trio talking about how it ain’t safe over a symphonic beat while the song “Suicide Hotline” with G-Mo Skee finds the 2 talking about making rappers want to kill themselves over a thunderous instrumental & it’s rad as fuck that G shouted me out in the opening line.

The track “Step Back” with At-L@tto & the Seed of 6ix is a moshpit starter with a beat fittingly kin to Three 6 Mafia while the song “Spiral Down” with Razakel & Damien Quinn finds the 3 talking about watching one fall over a devilish instrumental. The album ends with “Lessons”, where Cody talks about those who said he’ll never make it over a tense beat.

I’m really happy to watch dude’s evolution because this album is living proof of Cody being a good fit for LSP. Even though the features can be hit or miss at times, his undeniably has a lot of energy & you can really tell he put a lot of heart into it.

Score: 7/10

ACT-1 – “I Apologize in Advance” (Album)

Queens, NYC standout ACT-1 is back with a new project, “I Apologize in Advance“, consisting of 7-tracks of his signature boom bap style of hard hitting beats complimented with bar heavy rhymes.

Blass 89 – “Black Crow” EP

Yonkers, NY native Blass 89 collabs with various producers and Grammy winning engineer Blue to concoct a recipe for the soul and lonely travelers. “Black Crow” is an ode to releasing one’s demons and healing from all the suffering.

Diz448 – “Rush” Ft. Lil Gotit (Video)

Currently residing in Los Angeles, but originally from New Orleans, DIZ448, serves up a new video titled “Rush.” Directed by, the visual also features Atlanta rapper Lil Gotit. Lil Gotit released his “Hood Baby 2” album via Alamo Records back in April of this year which garnered positive feedback.

With both finding success in their careers already, the lifestyle can be a rush. The talented duo exchange verses respectively on how it’s been for them each. The two are seen flaunting racks of hundreds, iced-out jewels and other rapper essentials through-out the video, so it seems to be doing them well. All-while poolside too, of course.

The blend of DIZ’s rugged flow and Lil Gotit’s more melodic approach, the two show indisputable chemistry, having us wonder if more collaborations between the two are on the way.