D.Cure – “Cuz It Bangz 5” (Album Review)

It’s rare to see veteran support in Hip Hop, but in this case, Space Force member and Bars Kept founder D. Cure‘s latest album, “Cuz It Bangz 5“, is commanding attention since it dropped in August! It’s a 10-track project featuring fellow Space Force members The Marine Rapper, Topher alongside other upcoming rappers like Lil Dee, MC Ultimate, Lou Slugga, and many more. He also enlisted a catalog of producers on this which includes Epistra, Ill Instrumentals, Insane Beatz, Absynapse, Feniko Beatz & Anabolic Beatz.

Since networking with D. Cure a few years ago when he dropped a Mic Session, his consistency since speaks for itself which amplify’s is signature smooth fast pace flow even more. Even though this project has a collaboration on every track, he is a truly one of kind solo artist with a message for the world to hear. With deep songs like “Hideout” featuring Sankofa and B.Moore, and “It Was Told”, you can hear the creative styles D.Cure brings. From soft vocals to hard hitting bars, “Cuz It Bangz 5”, offers Hip Hop heads a mix that all heads can enjoy, and appreciate.

As our readers and followers know, we are big fans and supporters of Lil Dee, and The Marine Rapper, so listening to the track, “The Haunting of Sedgwick Ave”, it felt like dessert after dinner. Havn’t heard Dee flex like that in a while, and TMR literally killed his verse!

HIP HOP is officially not dead after listening to D.Cure’s, “Cuz It Bangz 5”. We rate this project a 8/10, way above average.  Not sure if he will drop a Vol. 6, but it is likely since we feel, lyrically, D.Cure is in his prime right now!