Danileigh Shows Her Emotions Discussing Why Her Music Isn’t Catching On

In a new video making the rounds online, Danileigh gets emotional discussing her music. The singer has been dropping singles and albums for a few years now. But it doesn’t appear to have caught on in the way she hoped. In the clip she discusses her controversial past and how it may have an impact on people streaming and promoting the music she releases today. The video wasn’t meant to be viewed by the public, so after it got out she took to Instagram to comment on the situation.

“I def take accountability for all of my past. I’m human and I’m growing. Won’t speak on it all because of legal reasons. But kno that I am sorry. Hope everyone has a good day. Not gonna read these comments cause ima be a big baby,” her comment reads. Her reaction to the situation did evoke some empathy from fans in the comments. “The way the internet cancelled Dani but uplifted Chrisean for actually doing what Dani was accused of is extremely weird” one reply reads. “The way yall have managed to successfully cancel her and her BD as a unit should be studied” another comment observes. Check out the entire interaction below.

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DaniLeigh’s brother is currently in the thick of a long legal battle with DaBaby. It spawned from an alleged physical altercation. But it’s been caught up in the courts so much because he can’t find the rapper to serve him his papers. He reportedly even hired a private detective to try and find DaBaby, but he couldn’t. That led Dani’s brother to ask the judge if he can serve the rapper his papers via an ad in a local newspaper.

What do you think of Danileigh’s comments on her music not being pushed because of her controversial past? Do you believe her when she accepts responsibility for all the things she’s done in her past? Let us know in the comment section below.

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