Diddy Hits Up Top Golf With His Family Despite Police Raids

Earlier this week the dam finally broke for Diddy and it’s been a continuous cycle of bad news ever since. After months of allegations and accusations of decades of bad behavior were levelled against the rap mogul through various lawsuits, that stakes were significantly raised. At the start of the week the feds raided two of the rapper’s properties, something they later confirmed was in relation to an ongoing sex trafficking investigation.

Additionally, celebrities from across the entertainment spectrum have been reacting to the news and some have even promised Diddy stories of their own will be revealed. But the man himself seems to be trying to play it as cool as possible. TMZ spotted him out and about in Miami with his twin daughters where they hit up Top Golf to get some swings in. He’s bouncing around the same city where his residency was just raided and one of his associates arrested following his plane being intercepted. In a picture outside the venue Diddy throw up some casual peace signs. Check out the pictures below.

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Diddy And His Twins At Top Golf

TMZ is also reporting that the investigation is turning towards private jet companies next. They reportedly want to know who Diddy flew where and speak to many of those passengers. In the days following the raids there’s been a ton of rampant speculation and rumor spreading online. Some of which has even come from updates to producer Lil Rod’s lawsuit against the rap mogul.

After he added an amendment to his original lawsuit making claims about Yung Miami, her team shut it down quickly. They brought out the receipts of where she was at the time of the allegations. The City Girls rapper was getting fitted for her elaborate MET Gala dress. What do you think of Diddy casually hitting up Top Golf just days after the feds raided his homes? Do you think any kind of arrest will spawn from the current federal government investigation? Let us know in the comment section below.

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