DJ Akademiks Claims New Drake-Kendrick Lamar Diss Was Delayed After Shooting

Drake vs. Kendrick Lamar has become the biggest rap battle of the 21st century. Part of the appeal, at least at first, was that fans were confident the two artists would keep their attacks on wax, and not resort to real-world violence. Well, things took a turn for the worse on May 7, when a shooting broke out at the home of the 6 God himself. A member of Drake’s security team was shot in the chest and subsequently rushed to the hospital. The shooting not only forced fans to step back and consider the risks both artists are taking, but delayed what was supposed to be another day of dissing.

DJ Akademiks gave some revelatory context to the shooting during a recent Twitch stream. He revealed that a new diss song was set to be released on May 7, but the shooting has resulted in an indefinite delay. “There was supposed to be some new music today,” Ak told viewers. “I’m not saying from who nor am I gonna confirm from either party that we’ve really been interested in.” The general belief is that Drake was going to drop again, given that Akademiks has had the inside scoop on OVO releases. That being said, the Toronto rapper was the last person to release a diss song.

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DJ Akademiks Didn’t Say Who Was Planning The Diss

Unless he was planning on a back-to-back approach, Kendrick Lamar was the next one up. Akademiks didn’t give any clues as to which rapper was eyeing May 7 for a release date. He did, however, confirm that the shooting is what led to it being shelved. “The plan of releasing got foiled today after some really serious news came out,” he added. “If you guys don’t know, there was a shooting at Drake’s house this morning.” The internet personality said the incident is being referred to as a “drive-by.”

DJ Akademiks also relayed a message from Drake. He confirmed that he talked with the rapper shortly after the shooting went down. He also assured fans that the “Family Matters” rapper was safe. “I have spoken with Drake, and he’s okay,” he said via Twitch. “You know, he said he’s good. Nothing more than that, nothing less.” A new release date has not been set for the alleged diss. If violence continues to be an issue for Drake and Kendrick Lamar, there’s a chance the entire battle will be laid to rest.

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