DJ Akademiks Divulges On Kendrick Lamar’s “Meet The Grahams” Drake Diss’ Cover Art

Kendrick Lamar and Drake are both suffering from the fallout of their respective diss tracks against each other, and so is the rest of hip-hop culture. Like with all of these disses so far, fans and media outlets are picking apart every little detail, updating the scoreboard on how they’ve lyrically dismantled one another. But it’s clear that this beef is, unfortunately, not about bars anymore. Moreover, DJ Akademiks recently claimed some curious information about Kendrick’s “Meet The Grahams” cover art. It features multiple items including jewelry receipts, a Maybach glove, and Ozempic as shots intended at his Toronto rival.

“Akademiks got intel from Kendrick’s camp that the details of the cover of ‘Meet the Grahams’ containing a glove, ozempic, receipts etc was stolen from a suitcase that belonged to Dennis Graham, Drake’s father,” DJ Akademiks wrote in a TikTok post late Friday night (May 3). “This cover art contains things that is from Drake’s pops’ suitcase, so Drake’s pops’ suitcase had these things in it,” he said on stream. “Don’t know how he got a hold of it, don’t know how this happened to get in Kendrick’s hand. But apparently Kendrick Lamar must’ve got a hold of Drake’s dad’s suitcase. So we’re talking about Dennis Graham, which is Drake’s pops… remember all that talk about leaks in the camp?”

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DJ Akademiks Speaks On The Alleged Context Behind Kendrick Lamar’s “Meet The Grahams” Cover Art

However, most of the explosive nature behind Kendrick Lamar and Drake’s shots at each other muffled with the impact of their opponents’ jabs. The 6ix God accused K.Dot of abusing his wife, cheating on her more than he’s admitted, and of being a “father” to a child who is actually Dave Free’s, his manager. None of these claims saw any sort of evidence emerge since the disses dropped, or they are allegations that Kendrick addressed in the past. But regardless, it’s not a pretty look.

As for Drake, the ugliness allegedly emerges in Kendrick Lamar’s claims that him and OVO traffic women and that Drizzy himself is a predator and assaulter. Not only that, but he also claims that Aubrey is hiding and neglecting an 11-year-old daughter, claims that he’s denied. The explanations necessary to hold these allegations accountable won’t appear in this cover art. Yet we’d bet that this beef will yield a lot of layers over time, so nothing’s off the table.

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