DJ Akademiks Gets Called Out For Defending Drake’s Kiss With Underage Girl

It’s no secret that DJ Akademiks is a loyal Drake supporter, but during a recent stream, viewers called him out for crossing the line. Ever since Kendrick Lamar accused Drake of being interested in minors on “Not Like Us,” social media sleuths have been looking back on the Canadian rapper’s past. They’ve managed to dig up some seriously questionable moments in the process. In one resurfaced clip, for example, he’s seen thirsting over a 17-year-old girl onstage, and kissing her even after she told him how old she was.

For obvious reasons, the clip has many viewers concerned and convinced that Kendrick may have been on to something. DJ Akademiks, on the other hand, thinks it doesn’t prove much. During a recent stream, he debated with his own fans about the clip, leaving them in awe with his willingness to brush off the behavior.

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DJ Akademiks Put On Blast During Stream

“That was like 15 years ago,” he says in a clip from the stream. “Drake was like 20. I’m not saying that was cool…” Immediately, the fans began to question his take, calling him out for defending the performer. “Hold on, so just because it was 15 years ago, it completely negates the fact that he found out she was underage and then proceeded to kiss her on the lips?” one of them asked. “I’m not saying it’s not odd,” Ak responded. “I’m just saying if that’s the only thing you have and you’re trying to paint him as this weird sexual deviant, and that’s the only thing you can fall back on because nothing else holds water…”

What do you think of DJ Akademiks defending Drake for his behavior onstage with a 17-year-old girl? What about him getting called out by his own viewers? Should he take back what he said? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below, and keep an eye on HNHH for more updates.

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