DJ Akademiks Relays Message From Drake After Shooting: “He’s Okay”

Drake has had a rough week. He had to contend with Kendrick Lamar dropping three diss tracks on him in less than 48 hours. He also had to contend with Toronto locals vandalizing his OVO store. The scariest encounter, however, was the shooting that took place at his home. According to NBC, shots were heard outside of the rapper’s Park Lane Circle residence around 2 a.m. on May 7. There was a statement issued by Drake’s representatives, but we didn’t hear direct from the rapper until DJ Akademiks got on stream later the same day.

Akademiks, the point man for the OVO camp as far as media coverage goes, shared a message he got from the 6 God himself. “I’ll tell you this,” he announced to viewers. “I have spoken with Drake, and he’s okay. You know, he said he’s good. Nothing more than that, nothing less.” The internet personality did lament the fact that someone was indeed hurt in the shooting. “Obviously, you know, there’s someone who’s probably still battling for their life, and got shot at his house,” he added. “But if you’re wondering [about] Drake himself, he’s fine and I think that’s short and sweet.”

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Drake Assured DJ Akademiks He Wasn’t Injured

The person who was shot was a member of Drake’s security team. A not was not provided, but Inspector Paul Krawczyk told NBC that the person was bleeding and standing outside of Drake’s home when police arrived. Krawczyk also posited that the person was “shot from a vehicle which then fled the scene.” The Inspector did not divulge any additional details about the vehicle or how many suspects they are looking for. He did, however, note that the incident was caught on security camera.

Fans have tried to tie the incident in with Drake’s current rap battle, but it’s too early to determine the motive behind the shooting. Krawcyzk told the outlet that he’s not comfortable floating a guess because it’s “so early” in the investigation. He’s currently in touch with Drake’s team to get to the bottom of the incident, and ensure that the rapper is not put at risk moving forward.

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