DJ Mustard Will Rap For The First Time On His Upcoming Album

DJ Mustard‘s Hall of Fame plaque is set. He was one of the defining producers of the 2010s. He just scored his first number one single with Kendrick Lamar‘s “Not Like Us.” And he’s arguably the most famous West Coast producer of the 21st century. He could retire from music today and be deemed iconic. DJ Mustard has no such plans, however. The producer is gearing up for his most ambitious release to date, Faith of a Mustard Seed, on which he plans to debut as a rapper.

Originally, Faith of a Mustard Seed was pitched as a classic DJ Mustard affair. Which is to say, loaded with guest features and snappy production. Both of these elements will be present on the new album, but Mustard felt compelled to take a more personal approach. He discussed his decision to get on the mic during a recent interview with Real 92.3 LA. “There’s a song on my album where I’m rapping at the end,” he told the hosts. “That’s the most vulnerable [moment], because I’ve never rapped, nothing like that.” The producer then acknowledged that he vowed to never rap in the past.

DJ Mustard Wants To Give Fans His Lyrical Perspective

The reason DJ Mustard changed his mind? He wanted to give his listeners perspective. “I’ve been behind the boards so long that nobody has ever heard my side of things,” the produce noted. “When it comes to anything. Family or friends… I think it was just the time.” Mustard went on to cite the last five years of his life as being particularly dramatic, between COVID, divorce, and starting a new relationship. He felt he’d finally amassed enough material to warrant dropping a verse. “Sometimes people need to hear it, from you,” he opined.

DJ Mustard’s personal life has been a topic of discussion recently. The producer has been embroiled in legal battles with his ex-wife over custody. There was also controversy sparked when Drake, the target of Mustard’s “Not Like Us” beat, started following the producer’s ex on Instagram. Fans criticized the 6 God for the sneaky behavior, and Mustard’s ex for following him back. Most famous rappers have taken shots at Drake in 2024, so it’s very possible that DJ Mustard would get in on the fun. Mustard rocked a ball cap from Drake’s hometown during the “Not Like Us” video shoot, but he later claimed that he wasn’t trying to troll.

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