DJHed Claims Drake Is Dropping A “Hit” Kendrick Lamar Diss Tonight

The rap battle continues. Charlamagne tha God recently claimed that Drake vs. Kendrick Lamar is the current generation’s answer to Jay-Z vs. Nas. The comparison makes sense, given the stakes and the high-profile both artists have. The thing that really clinches the comparison, though, is the hype that’s been surrounding each new diss song. Jay and Nas had radio to build up, but Drizzy and Kenny have a new level of buzz thanks to social media. DJHed hopped on X (formerly Twitter) to claim that the former will be dropping a song on May 3.

DJHed has chronicled the Drake vs. Kendrick Lamar battle ad nauseam on X. He drew praise and some criticism for pointing out that Drake took a while to upload “Push Ups” to streaming platforms. The radio personality really ramped up the hype cycle, however, when he claimed that the 6 God plans to kick off the second round of the battle tonight. “I HEAR the boy IS DROPPING A ‘HIT’ RECORD TONIGHT,” he wrote on X. “I HOPE IT’S AMAZING.” A few hours after this was posted, DJHed quote tweeted his own message with a confirmation. “Confirmed,” he wrote. “Best of luck to you.”

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DJHed Trolled The Incoming Drake Song On X

DJHed has made it clear that he’s team K. Dot. In the aforementioned criticism of Drake, he likened the rapper’s music to microwave food. He dismissed the notion of cooking up a response quickly in favor of taking time to craft something quality. “If you enjoy microwave meals that’s on you,” he tweeted at Drake fans. “We prefer cooked food on this side.” The radio personality decided to double down on his analogy by posting a gif on a microwave.

To DJHed’s credit, speed does seem to be a vital part of the Drake playbook. The rapper dropped two diss songs in the span of two weeks, “Push Ups” and “Taylor Made Freestyle,” then taunted Lamar for taking too long. The rapper also reacted to Lamar’s “Euphoria” diss the same night it dropped. He took to Instagram to troll Lamar with a film clip, and then told concertgoers at a Nicki Minaj show that he had business to take of. “You know what I gotta do,” he announced as he walked offstage. All eyes are going to be on the Boy, let’s see if he delivers.

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