Don Jones – “Hurricane Season III” (Album Review)

Don Jones is an upcoming rapper from the UK. He has built up a cult following due to the success of his Hurricane Season mixtape trilogy. His newest album, “Hurricane Season III” is the final installment of Don’s signature series. Jones says the tape is supposed to describe the good bad and confusing parts of his life, and despite his vision getting clouded along the way, it certainly accomplishes this task.

While he can fall flat lyrically and vocally at times, Don Jones’s raw hunger makes the record feel compelling and enjoyable. The intro track “Freebandz” showcases the British rapper at his best as he addresses his gripes and complaints with society and himself. Furthering these ideas, the songs “Till I Fall” and “Potent Winds” sell you on the introspective side of Jones’s character. On the contrary, cuts like “Max Bass” and “Oh Yeah” demonstrate the rapper’s ability to make popping club hits. Lyrically, Don Jones doesn’t blow me away as his subject matter, and wordplay is pretty basic but, he redeems himself with his vast array of skills. He can rap in many different pockets while also being able to sing at times. With that being said, Jones hasn’t come into his own vocally yet, so it can be an earful to listen to at times. Overall, Don Jones’s performance is not perfect, but it is tolerable on Hurricane Season III.

Sonically, the production on Hurricane Season III gets the job done. Mainly consisting of standard trap beats, the instrumentals are fun but lack any depth. Tracks like “Too Drip” and “Shady” exemplify this. Some beats which stood out to me were “Blame” and “Max Bass” due to there unique drum patterns and sample placement. The final three songs, “Skirt Off”, “Burnt One”, and “Again Again”, all contain intricate and powerful instrumentals. While having its moments, the production on Hurrican Season III is nothing to write home about. 

In conclusion, Hurricane Season III is a solid project, but Don Jones still has a long way to go before reaching greatness. His flow and aesthetics are pleasing, but he still lacks the full artistic arsenal that most successful rappers need in this day and age. With that said, I’m looking forward to seeing how this talented mc progresses and grows over time, and if you are too, be sure to follow on Instagram!

Rating: 5/10

Highlights: Flow, Versatility, Catchiness