Drake Allegations Were Predicted By Comedian Shane Gillis Five Years Ago

Drake has faced the wrath of Kendrick Lamar to the fullest degree as of late. Overall, fans could have never predicted the venom that Kendrick was going to come with. In fact, both artists have leveled some huge allegations against one another. For instance, Lamar has been accused of domestic violence. Meanwhile, Drizzy and his entire OVO crew have been accused of grooming young women. While fans are loving the beef right now,there is no denying that all of this is very dark and has real-life implications.

That being said, allegations against Drake pertaining to young women have circulated for years. There has been a pervasive narrative that the artist is around young women too much. People look at his texting habits with Billie Eilish and Millie Bobby Brown as proof. While these women have made it clear that they aren’t victims, fans still think it’s weird. Meanwhile, in a resurfaced podcast from 2019, comedian Shane Gillis predicted that Drake would be hit with these kinds of allegations.

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Shane Gillis Speaks On Drake In 2019

The comedian notes that he actually likes Drake as an artist. However, at the time, he believed that in five years’ time, the artist would be hit with R. Kelly-like allegations. Interestingly enough, the five-year timeline was prophetic as we are now in 2024, and Kendrick has proven Gillis to be correct. Of course, it must be said that these claims against Drake are just allegations. Nothing has been proven, and fans should not jump to conclusions just because their favorite artists said something on a record.

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