Drake Bringing Up Millie Bobby Brown In New Diss Track Leaves Fans Puzzles

The past week has been an absolute flurry of new releases in the rap beef that’s defined 2024. Drake and Kendrick Lamar have gone back and forth repeatedly with a variety of distinct tracks. Fans have barely had time to process all the details of one song before moving to the next one. The most recent entry came yesterday when Drizzy shared “The Heart Part 6.” In addition to borrowing the song title Kendrick has historically used to lead off new album cycles, he made a few surprising allegations.

Most notably, he claims that an attention-grabbing story Kendrick told in a previous diss track was actually deliberately planted. He explained that the claims Kendrick made about Drake having a second hidden child, an 11-year-old daughter. The reason no evidence has emerged in the days since Kendrick dropped the claim would make a lot more sense with the planting story. Elsewhere in the lyrics of “The Heart Part 6” Millie Bobby Brown makes an appearance. It’s a reference to a time when some fans thought it was strange that Drake was texting with the young star when she was first emerging as a celeb. Given that Kendrick never brought up her name himself, fans online questioned why she was even brought up in the first place. Check out some of their reactions below.

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Fans Question Drake Mentioning Millie Bobby Brown

Additionally at the end of “The Heart Part 6” Drake reveals he plans to bow out of the beef. It pairs well with his claims that he baited Kendrick into telling a lie without having any actual supporting evidence for it. Some Kendrick fans took the departure from the beef as an automatic victory for Lamar. He’s already claimed that he has even more disses in the tank.

What do you think of Drake bringing up Mille Bobby Brown in the lyrics of “The Heart Part 6” even though Kendrick never brought her up? Do you think Kendrick needs to keep dropping diss tracks or should the beef end here with no new songs? Let us know int he comment section below.

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