Drake & Future Beef: Woman Alleged To Be At Center Of The Feud Speaks Out

Drake and Future are reportedly beefing right now. Overall, this became clear following the release of We Don’t Trust You. Of course, this new album from Metro Boomin and Future is expected to go number one next week. Furthermore, the track “Like That” with Kendrick Lamar is about to become a number-one song. This is significant considering the fact that it contains a scathing diss towards both Drake and J. Cole. It is yet another example of the hit-making abilities possessed by Kendrick, Metro, and Future.

As it pertains to the Drake and Future beef, numerous theories have been going around online. For instance, there have been rumblings that the two are beefing over a woman. While Metro Boomin was quick to dispel this rumor, it has continued to run rampant. So much so that the woman at the center of all of this has decided to speak out. In the video below, you can see that she decided to go live on Instagram. Throughout the clip, she notes that no one is beefing over her and that she isn’t worth obsessing over. Moreover, she noted that her boyfriend thinks all of this is very funny.

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Drake & Future Rift Continues

At the end of the day, rumors can tend to run wild on the internet. People love running with a narrative, and if that narrative goes unchecked, then it will just continue to grow. This is especially true when the story involves two of the biggest names in hip-hop. That said, fans are now awaiting a potential response from Drake. Whether or not he actually goes through with one, still remains to be seen.

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