Draymond Green Sounds Off On The Lakers Potentially Firing Darvin Ham

The Los Angeles Lakers were eliminated from the NBA playoffs by the Denver Nuggets. The Lakers fell 4-1 to the Nuggets in a hard-fought but ultimately futile effort. The Defending champs were just too much for LeBron James and the Lakers. Lakers coach Darvin Ham has been getting the brunt of the blame from fans and the Lakers organization, who are reported to be likely to fire him. There are some who think the criticism of Ham is ridiculous and that the Laker’s failings are more complex. Draymond Green believes it’s foolish to look to fire Darvin Ham despite what the consensus says. 

Draymond is an outspoken player on and off the court. Whatever you think of his brash personality, sometimes he speaks the truth. Green has been sitting at home since the Golden State Warriors were eliminated from postseason play and has been focusing on his podcast. Green broke down his position on the Darvin Ham situation, ultimately defending the coach. The NBA champion makes some good points.

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Draymond Green Defends Darvin Ham

Draymond Green says he thinks it would be wrong for the Lakers to fire Darvin Ham. “I think it’ll be wrong to fire him… [The Lakers] roster didn’t get better than last year… Everybody will blame [him], like, ‘Oh, it’s his fault.’ Is it really?” What he says makes perfect sense. The Laker’s roster did not get better in the offseason. It was not a better team than last season, and last season, they also were in the play-in tournament. Although They did make the conference finals last season, they failed to replace certain guys. Furthermore, their new signings did not perform well, and those facts ultimately prevented them from improving.

Draymond also adds that he doesn’t see LeBron James leaving LA. He says it’s possible if an interesting situation pops up. Ultimately, outside of that happening, Green says he will probably be back in Purple and Gold. The Lakers have some big decisions to make. They have to improve this roster to maximize the talents of Lebron, who is 39 years old, and Anthony Davis. All in all, it’s going to be a long off-season of decision-making for LA.

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