E-K – “Bewildered Thoughts & Burning Desires” (Album Review)

E-K is a rising mc from Lansing, Michigan. Since 2019, he has been building up quite the reputation due to features on tracks like Monee’s “Broken Hearted”. His brand new debut album is titled “Bewildered Thoughts & Burning Desires.” The project takes listeners on a ride through the world of E-K.


E-K sounds determined and hungry throughout the entirety of the album, which makes fans and critics alike feel energized. In addition to his energy, E-K shows off his versatility as he can create motivational bangers such as “Kill Switch.” while also being able to make darker themed songs like “Meditating on Bad Thoughts”. Another pro to his strong skillset is E-K’s reliability. Addressing topics such as mental struggles, fake friends, and female drama are issues most people listening can relate too. The only criticism I have of E-K’s performance is his lyrical content, which occasionally contains corny bars or sounds slightly unfocused. Overall, E-K has a strong enough mic presence to keep the listener entrained for the entirety of the tape.

Sonically the production is pretty straight forward but, that’s not a bad thing. While none of the beats blow me away, all of them are solid as they play to the mood and tone E-K is setting. My favorite instrumental on the album is undoubtedly “Meditating on Bad Thoughts”, which ideally assists E-K’s breathtaking performance with its dark and gloomy undertone. Aside from that song, most of the instrumentals sound like high-end trap beats, which makes Bewildered Thoughts & Burning Desires easy to consume. Overall, the production gets the job done and helps E-K get his point across.

Finally, Bewildered Thoughts & Burning Desires is an excellent debut from E-K. Intuitive flows, relatable subject matter, and solid production are key elements that make this album such a fun ride. Most importantly, E-K has a super-powerful mic presence, which can make anyone feel strong even in the darkest of times. Im super excited to see what E-K will do in the future as I think he is just tapping into his potential. Be sure to follow @ek_bies_ on Instagram so you can stay up to date with this special artist!

Rating: 8/10

Highlights: Energy, Relatability, Versatility