Finesse2Tymes Had CPS Called On Him By The Mother Of His 11-Year-Old Artist King

Finesse2Tymes has become as well-known for the controversies in his personal life as his actual music. That was the case again recently when a Facebook post sparked massive fan debate online. He starts the post off revealing that he recently has child protective services called on him. They were reportedly called by the mother of one of his artists King, who is just 11 years old. King’s mother apparently claims that she hasn’t seen him since being released from jail, but Finesse accuses her of just wanting money to support her “habits.”

He goes on to justify his choice of keeping the boy. “This young man lives in a million doller home . with his own everything . don’t have to worry about dodging bullets , or being hungry running around Memphis with grown men shooting dice that’ll actually HURT HIM for a few dollars , why would u even RISK that for your kid?” a post FInesse2tymes made reads. But as soon as most fans read his post, red flags started to appear. Check out some of the comments fans had about the situation below.

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Finesse2Tymes Shares CPS Story

In the comments of a post recapping the situation, fans debate. Some see the situation very differently than the way Finesse explains it. “So do you have legal custody of him or you just keeping this kid at your house?” one fan asks. “So because he lives in a million dollar home that means that she can’t see her son? sounds suspicious. Fr fr” another agrees.

Additionally, the majority of the comments on the post definitely seem to take the mother’s side. Many question why the rapper felt he had the right to just take the child, despite the circumstances. What do you think of Finesse2Tymes getting CPS called on him by the mother of one of his artists? Do you think he’s in the right for keeping the child out of a dangerous area, or that he has no right to keep him away from his mother? Let us know in the comment section below.

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