FNX – “The Universal Frequency” (Mixtape Review)

FNX is a rising hip hop artist from Connecticut. Since 2016, the upcoming rapper has been building up a fanbase with singles like “Sinners” and “God Watching over Me”. He has just released his debut album titled “The Universal Frequency“. Will FNX be able to astonish listeners with this record, or will he fall into the abyss of mediocrity that most never come out of?

Mixing skill with substance makes every song on the album a teachable moment. From the intro “Energy Frequency Vibration”, listeners are engulfed in the album’s main ideas. Focusing on self-worth and destiny, FNX tells the audience that everyone has a purpose. Cuts like “Bottom to Da Top” and “Let Go” present realistic struggles that nearly every human being will face. With practical premises, it is easy to find this MC relatable, which is a trait many struggle with in today’s musical climate. Spirituality is a significant part of the record as FNX believes its an essential element to one’s health and wellness. “Angles” and “All I Do” show this at its pinnacle. “Daddy’s Baby” shows that being the best father he can be is a top priority of FNX. Closing out the record, the final three tracks do an excellent job of wrapping up the story, which most listeners will be emotionally attached to at this point. Overall, FNX’s genuine spirit and ideas are a refreshing view in an industry filled with fakes. 

Sonically, the instrumentals on “The Universal Frequency” have an authentic feel which perfectly complements the style FNX uses on the duration of the project. “Long Way” sets the tone for what to expect going forward as its smooth chimes battle with an eerie horn for the entire song. “All I Do” sounds like a modern boom-bap track while “Daddy’s Baby” has a jazzy feel. “Addicted to You” was a standout as its instrumental, which revolves around a few guitar notes, should be relaxing but has a menacing undertone. Cuts like “Soul Clean/ Luke 4:18” and “Claire’s Story” are built around the angelic instrumentals they contain. Overall, FNX uses a versatile and high-quality soundtrack in order to tie his vision together.

In conclusion, “The Universal Frequency” is a special record that’s like no other I’ve heard. There is a ton to decipher and learn from here as it tells a blend of stories from the living and spiritual world. FNX is a gifted MC who can rap circles around most guys and on top of that, put together a song masterfully. I hope this record gets the attention it deserves, and if you want to see whar FNX does next, be sure to follow @theofficalfnx on Instagram!

Rating: 9/10

Highlights: Lyricism, Relatability, Depth