Frankie Jax No Mad – “The Mountains Stared Back” (Album Review)

Kenyan born and now LA resident Frankie Jax No Mad recently dropped a smooth joint titled “The Mountains Stared Back,” and it might be worth a couple spins.

The album is a slow burn. Each song takes its time and methodically trundles on at its own self defined pace. Which is perfect for an artist like Frankie, who navigates the instrumentals with the exact same atmosphere and speed. His lyricism isn’t exactly going to revolutionize the genre any time soon, but it’s still thoughtful and well crafted. There are a couple beats that sound a tad cluttered and disjointed, but that’s mostly a stylistic choice rather than a lack of experience.

Overall, “The Mountains Stared Back” is a smooth listen and one you can kick your feet up and relax. It’s nothing too serious, but also far from outlandish or boisterous.

Rating: 7/10

Highlights: Tone, Production

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