GloRilla Once Again Expertly Avoids Question About Damian Lillard

Earlier this year, GloRilla made her affection for one particular NBA player publicly known. It started with her appeatance at the NBA All-Star game, which included a number of viral moments. But extra attention was pair to a tweet she made in response to a picture of her and Damian Lillard. In the tweet she made sure it was crystal clear that she’s attracted to the Milwaukee Bucks player. When he was asked about the affirmation a few weeks later he responded by shouting out the rapper.

Since then, GloRilla has carefully dodged questions about Lillard whenever they came up. That was first the case when TMZ tried to ask her and she found away out. It was once again the case in the newly released episode of Club Shay Shay where she’s interviewed. Host Shannon Sharpe asks her about her favorite NBA players, which is clearly a guided question attempting to arrive at a discussion about Lillard. But once again Glo manages to expertly dodge the question while not clarifying much of anything. Check out the clip of her avoiding specifics while discussing Damian Lillard below.

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GloRilla Still Not Talking About Damian Lillard

The discussion of NBA players did eventually land on something Glo was more willing to talk about. She expressed her appreciation for LeBron James’ cosign of her new song. Glo unleashed her track “Yeah Glo!” back in February and it’s been clicking with fans and critics ever since. The song jumped into the top half of the Hot 100 a few weeks ago and has stuck.

Earlier this week GloRilla unveiled some new details about her upcoming album. She announced that the project is called Ehhthang Ehhthang and also shared the album artwork and tracklist with fans. The project is right around the corner with its expected release date coming later this week. What do you think of GloRilla once again effectively dodging questions about Damian Lillard? Why do you think she’s so hesitant to talk about him? Let us know in the comment section below.

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