Gunna Reveals Whether He Considered Pushing Back “One Of Wun” Amid Drake & Kendrick Lamar Beef

Drake and Kendrick Lamar‘s viral feud has mostly fizzled out by now, but nonetheless, its lasting impact on hip-hop continues to be a hot topic of debate. Amid the debacle, Gunna unveiled his fifth studio album, One Of Wun. Despite arriving at a time when fans were largely distracted by Drake and Kendrick’s beef, it’s been fairly well received. It’s projected to move 60-65k album-equivalent units in its first week. This would be a slight drop-off from his last effort, A Gift & a Curse.

During a recent airport chat with TMZ, the hitmaker revealed whether or not he ever considered pushing the release back to avoid being overshadowed by all of the drama. He says that it never crossed his mind. According to Gunna, he’s laser-focused on his own endeavors, so much so that he oftentimes overlooks whatever else is going on in the space.

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Gunna Says He Didn’t Consider Delaying His Release

“I’m in my own just… You know how that be. Like, I don’t even really see other sh*t that’s going on,” he explained. “It’s hard to see.” Fans certainly can’t blame Gunna for being distracted. Aside from releasing a new full-length project, he’s also just kicked off his “Bittersweet” tour, which is another massive undertaking in itself. He also just announced the launch of his new clothing line, P By Gunna, which is scheduled for June 5 of this year.

Unfortunately, however, that announcement wasn’t as well received as his other projects have been. As a photo of his P By Gunna billboard in NYC made its rounds online last week, an up-and-coming artist took to TikTok to accuse the rapper of stealing his logo. According to the artist, he’s been building his brand for several years. Gunna’s yet to address the accusations. What do you think of Gunna’s new album, One Of Wun? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below, and keep an eye on HNHH for more updates.

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