Halle Bailey & DDG Scream With Delight Over Baby Halo’s First Words

In a time where the negative impacts of baby mama/daddy culture are running rampant, there’s nothing quite like seeing a happy, healthy family growing together. DDG and Halle Bailey continue to face criticism for welcoming their first child out of wedlock, but the creative duo isn’t allowing the opinions of others to stop them from being the best possible parents to Halo. Though they’re still choosing to hide the young one’s face (another point of contention for some followers), we’ve seen plenty of evidence showing how supportive DDG is as his other half continues to pour into her music career and vice versa.

On Tuesday (March 26), a particularly adorable clip surfaced online showing the months-old boy laying in bed wearing a grey hedgehog onesie. “MY SON FIRST WORDS!! HE SAID DADA!!!!!! 😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️ OMG KEEP WATCHING TO THE END 😭,” the YouTuber wrote over the video. As it begins, DDG speaks in babble to the little boy, seemingly encouraging him to speak. After a few attempts it actually works, causing both Halo’s mom and dad to scream out in joy at his intelligence.

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Halo Continues to Amaze DDG and Halle Bailey

“A present BLACK father, how can you be mad?!?!” a positive response in @theshaderoom’s comments on Instagram reads. “The way they get excited every time he breaths, I LOVE THEM FOR THIS,” another praised the young lovers and their natural parenting skills. “Halo, I’m sorry your parents scared tf out of you 😂 they meant well,” someone else joked.

While Halle Bailey is embracing her changed routine as a new young mother, her big sister Chloe continues to enjoy her rich auntie lifestyle. The “Have Mercy” hitmaker was on vacation again this month, confidently flaunting her toned body in several pretty bikinis. Check out her photos at the link below, and let us know if you think baby Halo will take more after his mom or dad in the comments.

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