Halle Bailey’s Birthday: DDG & Halo Spoil Their Favourite Girl With A Rolex And Family Time

For the first time in her life, Halle Bailey is celebrating her birthday as a mother, and she’s making it look totally effortless. On Thursday (March 28), the Atlanta-born entertainer posted a photo dump on Instagram revealing how she spent her big day with her beau, DDG, and their baby boy, Halo. It’s unclear exactly where Bailey and her family are soaking up so much sunshine, but the smiles on their faces prove their making unforgettable memories there.

“This is 24 🥰🎉💘🎂,” the birthday girl wrote in her caption, selecting a mud-covered picture of her and her infant to begin. Though we can see his full head of hair, Halo’s face remains a mystery as his parents protect his privacy. For someone who only gave birth a few months ago, Bailey’s body looks banging in her purple bikini, and she appears more confident than ever before. “My Halle and Halo 😍😍😍,” the “Angel” singer’s big sister, Chloe, wrote in the comments.

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Halle Bailey and Baby Halo Enjoy the Outdoors Together

On the third slide, we get a glimpse of DDG‘s back, which has “Halo’s Daddy” written on it in mud. Speaking of the Michigan native, he made sure to keep Bailey looking fresh with a luxurious new gift – a Rolex watch – on her big day.

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DDG Keeps His Other Half Looking Fly with a Luxurious Gift

Oddly enough, it was only a year ago when social media sleuths were speculating about a breakup between Halle Bailey and DDG. Not long before The Little Mermaid premiere, gossip about him and Rubi Rose rekindling their old flame lit up the internet, but obviously there wasn’t much truth to that. Do you think Halo’s parents are in an end game relationship? Let us know in the comments, and check back later for more hip-hop/pop culture news updates.