Hunxho Confirms Keyshia Cole Relationship In Response To Gloss Up Drama

For a new relationship launch in 2024, Keyshia Cole and Hunxho have certainly drummed up much more drama than anyone could’ve anticipated. Sure, maybe their age gap was always going to be a talking point in addition to general skepticism, but Gloss Up changed all of that with a flirty pic with the rapper on her music video set a few days ago. Since then, rumors of Hunxho’s disloyalty and of their actual relationship dynamic have been the talk of the town. Well, after Cole responded to all this, her new boo stepped in with a picture of them FaceTiming to try to ward these rumors and speculative remarks off.

Of course, a simple call isn’t much, but their friend Paris Phillips also posted a video of the couple in which Hunxho holds chips in Vegas while standing next to Keyshia Cole. It’s unclear whether any responses have been directly to the alleged text messages that Gloss Up leaked or if they were all jumbled into one general move. Either way, it looks like fans still don’t have much to go off of either way. After all, videos, screenshots, posts, and the like will only get us so far.

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Hunxho’s FaceTime With Keyshia Cole Is His Response To Gloss Up Drama

Elsewhere, Gloss Up also claimed that there’s more behind the scenes than what we know, and that she is seeing Keyshia Cole spiral out of control. The root of this whole debacle could be anything on either side: jealousy, trolling, clout, previous history, timeline questioning… you name it. Hunxho’s seemingly done his part to contribute to the discourse, but maybe these factors don’t ever get a solid explanation. Nevertheless, there’s still a lot that fans are discussing about both of these relationships (since Gloss has a man as well) that have little to do with these allegations.

For example, a lot of folks claimed that Keyshia Cole has “daddy issues” related to what they think is a fake relationship with Hunxho, claims that she quickly dismissed. They also accused her of ignoring her other family as a result, so there are deeper partnership dynamics at play here. Regardless, we’re sure that this isn’t the final stop on the drama train for all of them, and that Gloss Up in particular might have more to say. But only time will tell, so come back to HNHH for the latest updates.

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