JasonMartin Divulges On Kendrick Lamar “Not Like Us” Music Video Shoot & Bobbi Althoff’s Compton Visit

The hip-hop community can’t stop talking about Kendrick Lamar‘s upcoming “Not Like Us” music video filmed in his home city of Compton. The media is hawking around the scene for any insight that they can find into the anticipated visuals. Moreover, TMZ recently called up “Pop Out” attendee and West Coast musician JasonMartin and asked about the shoot, as he was also there to witness the whole thing go down. He talked about what it meant for K.Dot and for the surrounding artists, and even chimed in briefly about Bobbi Althoff’s surprising Compton visit and supposed music video cameo. “For me and him… I know for him especially and myself, like, that neighborhood birthed us and raised us,” Martin’s remarks on Kendrick Lamar’s “Not Like Us” shoot began. “We’re from over there, Central and Rosecrans, Central and El Segundo.

“So to be out there with all our people, with all our people that watched us grow up,” JasonMartin continued about Kendrick Lamar. “For him to get the love and admiration that he deserves for what he’s doing, it was almost biblical. I have never felt that safe in my own community ever. And then to go to the Compton courthouse and to be at the top with every representation of street culture there at one time. And to never feel any tension is a new reality for us. We’ve been talking about it every day. For those that’s not from here, they won’t get it. Safety was a thing we always had to worry about. From each corner, every corner, there was some different type of mischief going on. To be able to walk around our city like that, knowing that nothing was going to happen.

Bobbi Althoff At Kendrick Lamar’s “Not Like Us” Music Video Shoot In Compton

“I hope [change] continues, I know it will,” Jason Martin continued. “I mean, it feels like it. Just from talking to some brothers from different other areas. There’s been three to four different arenas of people that have truced up that have been warring for a long time. I think people like how it feels. I can’t say enough about Kendrick, man, I pray that it keeps going on. He said in the line: ‘if Pirus and Crips all got along, they’d probably gun be down by the end of the song’ [“m.A.A.d. city”]. But that has now changed. He got them to get along for longer than a week. It’s hands-down, he’s the king of hip-hop. Period. There’s no one bigger than Kendrick Lamar right now, there’s nobody bigger than him.

“And for him to take his biggest moment and decide to hand all of us the baton to be a part of it just shows you what real kings are supposed to do,” Jason Martin concluded. “I think [Bobbi Althoff] was there the day before shooting some stuff at Enterprise Park. I think it makes all the sense in the world. Why can’t white people come to Compton to have a good time and see what’s going on? I think everybody should be able to come to the city and come see what’s going on, man. We the new Hollywood, come check it out. You good. And I bet she had a great time, too. She felt at home. I feel like all races, all walks of life, should be able to come to our city and have a good time.”

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