Joe Budden Loves Kendrick Lamar’s Diss To Drake & J. Cole On Future & Metro Boomin’s “WE DON’T TRUST YOU”

The hip-hop world will probably continue to reel from Kendrick Lamar’s guest verse dissing Drake and J. Cole on Future and Metro Boomin’s “Like That” off of their new album WE DON’T TRUST YOU for a couple more weeks. Moreover, a lot of folks are taking sides on whether Kendrick, Aubrey, or Cole are on top, and on what “team” they’re on. But for a lot of people, including The Joe Budden Podcast, they’re just excited to see this competitive nature return to rap’s main stage. On the latest episode of the program, the Slaughterhouse MC and his co-hosts debated about this verse.

As you’ll see below, it’s a very long clip and a very dense discussion, in which all the podcasters involved go through a lot of different topics. A salient one, pushed the most by Joe Budden himself, is that this is bringing an end to the “fake” nature of hip-hop relationships, something that Kendrick Lamar suggested about Drake and J. Cole‘s current partnership. Budden brought up that Travis Scott had asked Future and Metro Boomin to play “Like That” at Rolling Loud L.A. despite his connection to Drizzy. Overall, they loved to see the gloves come off and for the Compton creative to throw hands.

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The Joe Budden Podcast Dissects “Like That” & Compares It To “First Person Shooter”: Watch

Of course, The Joe Budden Podcast also broke down the bars themselves on the “Like That” verse, and compared it to Drake and J. Cole’s “First Person Shooter” verses. By connecting the dots, it’s not hard to see what could’ve provoked Kendrick Lamar to fire up, and they anticipate that the 6ix God and the Dreamville boss won’t take long to respond. This is also curious because Joe Budden had placed Cole about Kendrick and The Boy when it comes to current rankings. But, as he clarified in this new podcast, he wants to see Mr. Morale challenge that claim, and he’s very happy that he did.

Meanwhile, where do you fall on this debate? Who is the top dog here, what does it say about interpersonal rap relationships, and do you think that Fewtch and Metro are officially taking an anti-OVO stance after a lot of beef rumors? However you may feel, drop your thoughts down in the comments section below. As always, stay posted on HNHH for the latest news and updates on Kendrick Lamar, Drake, J. Cole, Future, Metro Boomin, and The Joe Budden Podcast.

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