Jonathan Majors Sings Happy Birthday To A Fan On A TMZ Tour Bus

Much of the news surrounding Jonathan Majors in the past year has been incredibly serious. That’s mostly due to an assault case he spent much of 2023 fighting. Right around the end of the year, he was found guilty, though the repercussions have had much more to do with his professional life than the legal system. He had been playing a role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but the Superhero franchise cut ties with him immediately following the verdict.

But now the first surprisingly wholesome story relating to the actor in a long time has emerged. That came entirely by chance when he ran into a TMZ Tour Bus that was showing some fans around Hollywood. He had a quick chat with the surprised fans and delighted tour guide before noticing that it was somebody on the tour’s birthday. Then he hilariously decided to sing him happy birthday. something the fellow tour attendees love. Check out the surprisingly adorable video below.

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Jonathan Majors Runs Into A TMZ Tour Bus

Following his guilty verdict, Jonathan Majors sat down with ABC for a tell all interview. The highly-anticipated interview saw him doubling down on his claims that he’s completely innocent of all the charges brought against him. Since then, Majors has faced even more allegations from other previous partners. That resulted in a new lawsuit filed against him earlier this month.

The lawsuit was filed by an ex-girlfriend and accuses the actor of assault, battery, and defamation. Majors seems to be attempting to brush the new allegations off as well. He’s doubled down on professing his love for his current girlfriend and continued his routine of hitting the gym despite once again finding himself in legal trouble. What do you think of Jonathan Majors singing happy birthday to a fan on a TMZ tour bus? What would you think if you ran into the embattled actor during a TMZ tour? Let us know in the comment section below.

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