JT Shuts Down Sukihana Diss Rumors By Savagely Dissing Her

Rappers really hate other rappers in 2024. JT already had beef with her City Girls partner Yung Miami this year, which spurred her to drop more solo material. She dropped the single “Okay,” but the lyrics sparked even more controversy because fans thought she was talking about someone in particular. Sukihana and Cardi B were the rumored targets, and the former hopped on Instagram to clear a few things up. Sukihana claimed that she and JT were on good terms. She did, however, ask JT to clarify who’s really in her crosshairs.

The rapper got what she asked for. JT took to X (formerly Twitter) on May 3 to clear the air between her and Sukihana. She stated that the “Okay” lyrics were not aimed at Sukihana, but then proceeded to bash her mercilessly throughout the explanation. It’s fascinating to read. “Sukihana You KNEW I wasn’t talking about YOU I would’ve answered quicker if you didn’t try to do a 2 for 1 special,” JT wrote. “I never knew your tooth fell out from eating crab legs you go viral for stupid sh*t Daily.”

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JT Went On An Insult-Filled Rant Against Sukihana

JT took umbrage with the fact that Sukihana posted about the alleged diss on Instagram instead of asking her privately. “You kept writing me back to back you could’ve DM’d me but you was trying to distract me,” she tweeted. “AND use me to run your sh*t up so you can run a special for page promo sucka a*s h*e.” It seemed as though JT’s temper raised with each post. The third tweet aimed at the “Hood Rats” rapper was even uglier.

JT claimed that Sukihana attended her birthday party without permission, and tried to benefit from music that’s not connected to her. “You definitely was at my party UNINVITED always wanna be seen & heard ass bitch,” she wrote. “Search my page I been supporting you never had a issue with you so why would I enter a booth & think of YOU? sewer p**sy???!” The last insult is far and away the most devastating. It’s the last thing fans expected, especially given that the two rappers were seemingly on good terms.

The ironic part of the whole encounter is that Sukihana brought about her own feud. When she posted about “Okay” on Instagram, she ruled herself out from being a target because she had no reason to beef with JT. “I don’t take her as a girl that just start trouble with random people when she droppin’ a song,” she said. Evidently, speculating about JT on IG was enough to start trouble. There wasn’t beef before, but there certainly is now.

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