Kai Cenat Denies Drake Blocked Him After He Criticized Latest Diss

Kai Cenat has become a central figure in the Drake vs. Kendrick Lamar battle. The Twitch streamer has become one of the main sources for information in the legendary squabble, especially considering his personal connection to Drizzy. He was even referenced in the song “Push Ups. “Cenat was on the same page as a lot of fans, however, when he voiced disappointment with Drizzy’s diss “The Heart Part 6.” He thought the rapper failed to live up to the high bar that Lamar had set, and it led to him briefly thinking he was blackballed by the 6 God himself.

The confusion came about on May 6. Kai Cenat was reflecting on the battle via Twitch stream, and fans were urging him to call Drake. When he went to dial Drake’s number, though, he it wasn’t going through. He tried to send the rapper a text message and discovered it turned green. When messages turn green between iPhones, it (probably) means that the other person has blocked you. Cenat gets serious upon seeing this, and tells fans he can’t contact Drake. “On god,” he said. “It’s green. His number changed.” Word spread like wildfire online, with many assuming the 6 God blocked Cenat after his criticisms.

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Kai Cenat Claims Drake Changed His Phone Number

The streamer addressed the “blocked” allegations on May 7. He hopped on another stream and told viewers that he simply used an old number by accident. “[Drake] didn’t block me,” he asserted. “That’s his old number. He just got a new number, I just never got his new number.” This comes mere days after Cenat was given a bombshell warning by the Canadian rapper via Instagram. On the evening of May 3rd, Drake messaged Cenat and told him to stay on stream. Sure enough, the 6 God dropped his Lamar diss “Family Matters.”

Admittedly, things got messy from there. Kendrick Lamar dropped two more disses in the span of 24 hours, and by the time Drizzy got around to responding with “The Heart Part 6,” fans were favoring his opponent. Cenat was one of them. “I love Drake, I love his music,” he claimed on Twitch. “But [Kendrick] is cooking, bro… This is me being completely honest.” Only time will tell if Cenat gets that new number.

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