Kai Cenat Smiles Through The Pain As Tyla Puts Him In The Friendzone

Kai Cenat has become the biggest streamer in the world over the last year or so. Although he may not have the most subscriptions right now, he still has the biggest name recognition outside of the platform. Overall, he has had some massive artists come on his streams. For instance, Nicki Minaj and Offset have made their way into his streaming room. Furthermore, he has been offered to be in movies, which just goes to show his level of stardom. At this point, there is no doubt that bigger and better things are on the horizon for him.

On the topic of Nicki Minaj and Offset, his streams have become an integral part of a lot of artist’s press runs. Back in the day, when an artist wanted to promote their album, they would go to The Breakfast Club, Hot 97, and a whole host of other platforms. While artists still go the radio route, Kai Cenat’s stream has been added to their repertoire. The latest example is Tyla, who just dropped off her new album. Cenat and Tyla had fun throughout their stream as they played video games and interacted with the chat. However, things went south for Cenat when he asked her out on a date.

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Kai Cenat x Tyla

As you can see, Tyla was a bit shy about the whole thing. Subsequently, she told him that they were friends and that she wasn’t interested. Cenat continued to smile throughout the interaction, and it made for a humorous bit. What made the whole thing funnier was that Cenat wouldn’t even look at Tyla while asking her out. He was clearly a bit nervous about the whole thing, and in the end, that nervousness was validated.

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