Kendrick Lamar Breaks Spotify Record With His Catchy Drake Diss “Not Like Us”

Kendrick Lamar has been putting in a whole lot of work over the past week. Overall, this has all been in the name of trying to take down Drake. Firstly, he came through with “Euphoria.” Secondly, he dropped off “6:16 In LA” which was a means of taunting the megastar. Once Drake dropped “Family Matters,” Kendrick came through just 20 minutes later with “Meet The Grahams.” Of all of the songs in the feud, this one is the most haunting and disturbing. It almost felt like a horror movie thanks to The Alchemist’s production.

On Saturday, Kendrick Lamar decided to pour salt into the wound. He did so with the track “Not Like Us,” a West Coast anthem that has people dancing along to pedophile allegations. There is only one artist who could get people to do that, and it just so happens to be Kendrick. As it turns out, “Not Like Us” is such a success that it is currently breaking Spotify records. According to Chart Data, it had the biggest single-day stream of a hip-hop song in the history of American Spotify. The original title holder was Drake and Lil Baby for “Girls Want Girls.”

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Kendrick Lamar Is Moving The Needle

Kendrick’s diss tracks seem to be charting incredibly well right now. In fact, it is believed that “Euphoria” could very well end up being the biggest song in the world come next week. It is an impressive feat, especially when you consider how diss tracks are not meant to do these kinds of numbers. However, when the two biggest artists go at each other, this kind of performance is inevitable.

Let us know what you thought about “Not Like Us,” in the comments section down below. Do you believe that this was the best song to come out of the feud thus far? Do you think that Kendrick will be dropping a music video for it? Additionally, stay tuned to HNHH for the latest news and updates from around the music world. We will continue to keep you informed on all of your favorite artists and their upcoming projects.

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