Kendrick Lamar Fans Label Drake’s House On Google Maps: “Owned By Kendrick”

Kendrick Lamar fans and Drake fans are not as different as they think. After Kendrick Lamar used Drake’s house with child sex offender markers as his cover art for the “Not Like Us” diss track, it seems like some pgLang followers got creative with Google Maps’ option to customize locations. Moreover, they now read things like “Owned by Kendrick,” “A-Minor,” “Kendrick’s dog,” etc. K.Dot’s supporters are using the Internet narratives much in the same way that the OVO camp (including its boss) has done during this beef. For this and for the horrid allegations thrown at both MCs, there’s a lot more even playing field that die-hards on either side would have you believe.

Furthermore, no one knows how this beef will age, what will clear up, what more will come out, and whether or not Kendrick Lamar will really go overkill and risk a desperate look with yet another diss. Drake is in an interesting position right now to double down or change course, and we know that either option could be very deadly. The question now is what it will take for him to do that, and whether K.Dot’s pressure tactics will ever backfire when the hype behind a drop is so massive. Allegations aside, both are fearlessly calculating and strategizing their efforts.

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Drake’s House Targeted By Kendrick Lamar Fans On Google Maps

Elsewhere, Drake is rumored to have responded to Metro Boomin‘s “diss beat” online, although it’s an alleged response since it’s hard to find where the actual screenshotted comment comes from or if it’s just doctored. Either way, he did directly respond to the daughter claims by outright denying them on his Instagram Story, but not to any of the other claims that Kendrick Lamar put forth. The Toronto superstar asked Mr. Morale for some paperwork on his snitching claims and claimed that he pressured Tupac’s estate to take down his earlier diss, but no direct statements emerged about the harsher accusations. Kendrick, on the other hand, grouped all of Drake’s shots together as lies and kept claiming them as such in these diss tracks, which is still a sidestep.

Whether it’s Drake’s house or Kendrick Lamar’s height, there’s been a lot of para-social fun on social media with folks documenting and clowning the magnitude of this moment in mainstream hip-hop. The culture is debating a winner, and Kendrick Lamar and Drake might not have even dealt the killing blow yet. Once there’s proof on the table, then this might be a different story, and it hopefully should be taken seriously. But for now, not even Google is safe from this war.

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