Kendrick Lamar May Have Made Kobe Bryant Connection On “Euphoria”

Kendrick Lamar fans believe they have stumbled upon a hidden connection between the LA rapper and the late great Kobe Bryant. Following K.Dot’s Tuesday release of his “Euphoria” diss track directed at Drake, everyone immediately started breaking down the six-and-a-half-minute song in an effort to fully understand all the messages and barbs. Furthermore, Kendrick fans also scoured the song for Easter eggs, knowing Kendrick has the ability to slip in hidden messages. Now, many believe the specific time the song was released is a connection to Laker great Kobe Bryant.

Many have noted that, while it is not yet official, the YouTube link for “Euphoria” was posted at precisely 8:24 PM PST. The jersey numbers on each side of the colon in the timestamp belonged to Kobe Bryant. Kobe is an obvious source of inspiration for the Compton MC. Moreover, Kobe was a player whose presence and drive have been reflected by Kendrick Lamar’s own presence and drive. Overall, it might be a coincidence, but it’s highly unlikely.

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Kendrick Lamar Supposedly Shouts Out Kobe Bryant

Kendrick Lamar has always been a big Kobe Bryant fan. For example, he is from LA, and Kobe is an LA icon. In 2017, the two celebrities from Los Angeles had a conversation with Complex about their individual fields. The Lakers guard was asked whether Kendrick, as a rapper, reminded him of any players he has played against in the NBA. “Yeah, it was me!” Kobe said. “It’s the same hunger — you step out there on the court, we’re taking heads off […] I don’t wanna hear Michael [Jordan’s] the best player in the world. I don’t wanna hear they call him Black Jesus.” All in all, that is very high praised by the Black Mamba.

K-Dot’s “The Heart Part 5” was released in 2022 in advance of his next album, Mr. Morale & the Big Steppers. In the music video, the Los Angeles MC raps, “Euphoria is glorified and made his,” while a deep fake of the recently deceased Kobe Bryant’s face is digitally imposed on Kendrick’s face. Kendrick is in the midst of a rap feud with Drake. The Compton MC is not one to pull punches. Furthermore, his diss towards Drake was surgical and a real body blow to the Canadian rapper. Ultimately, Kendrick Lamar is cut from the same cloth as Kobe and will aim for the kill.

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