Kendrick Lamar Praised For Dropping Copyright Claims On Creators Discussing His New Songs

With the Drake and Kendrick Lamar beef taking up a lot of space in the heads of both rap fans and creators its no wonder a ton of content has spawned from the songs they’ve dropped. Fans have shared their first reactions to some of the cutting disses and also broken down the tracks in incredible detail. One thing that creators sharing the content are probably all too familiar with facing is copyright issues. But Kendrick recently made a move that made it easier for those online to share and discuss his diss tracks.

That move was lifting all of the current copyright claims from videos reacting to any of his new diss tracks and using the audio from them. He didn’t comment directly on the move but the seemingly deliberate gesture allowed tons of fans to make money on the content they shared surrounding the beef and that certainly didn’t go unnoticed. Content creator NoLifeShaq recently thanked Kendrick during a stream for his copyright decision and fans in he replies praised the move. Check out the full video of him thanking the rapper below.

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After a couple weeks of nearly non-stop action, rap fans are finally starting to exhale. The most recent song in the beef is Drake’s “The Heart Part 6” which dropped on Sunday. In the song he revealed that he actually planted the viral story Kendrick shared about him having a second hidden child, an 11-year-old daughter. Lyrically he paints Kendrick as being so obsessed with beating him that the “N95” rapper doesn’t even bother to look for any evidence of the claim before including it in a song.

What do you think of Kendrick Lamar lifting copyright claims on his recently released diss tracks so that fans can make money from reacting to them? Do you think he will drop another song about Drake or is the beef wrapped up now? Let us know in the comment section below.

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