Kendrick Lamar Previews New Song In Beginning Of “Not Like Us” Music Video

Kendrick Lamar has once again set the music world on fire. Today he finally released the highly-anticipated “Not Like Us” music video. While there are plenty of obvious, and not-so-obvious Easter eggs hidden throughout the video, one of the undeniable ones comes at the very beginning. In fact, he gives listeners a taste of an unreleased track, and teases new music within the first 20 seconds of the video. Audiences couldn’t be happier to hear that he does in fact, have new music coming.

The music video opens with Lamar’s trademark introspection. The beat is backed by the unmistakable sound of Mustard, who has become synonymous with the West Coast sound. Within the opening of the visual, there’s a still shot of the Compton Courthouse. Then, we see a black-and-white flashing visual of Kendrick in a hallway, followed by him rapping the lyrics: “I am reincarnated, I was stargazing/Life goes on, I need all my babies. Woke up looking for the broccoli/Hot key, keep a horn on me, that kamasi/IP ownership, the blue print is by me/Mister get-off, I get off at my feet.”

Listen To Kendrick Tease The New Song

Lamar’s lyrics paint a vivid picture of his evolution as an artist and a person. “I am reincarnated, I was stargazing / Life goes on, I need all my babies,” seems to be him entering a new era. He blends themes of rebirth and family with his signature blend of introspective commentary and social critique. Fans are left eagerly anticipating what could be yet another groundbreaking addition to his discography. Beyond the music itself, “Not Like Us” serves as a reunion of sorts for the West Coast hip-hop scene. Lamar’s ability to bring together diverse elements of the genre is showcased brilliantly in the video, where familiar faces and new talent alike take center stage.

“This is gonna be fire,” one person wrote about the teased song. “We need the album!” another one wrote. “I ain’t think he could make a better hit than not like us….” someone else said. Furthermore, the visuals accompanying “Not Like Us” are a testament to Lamar’s artistic vision. Did you get a chance to watch it yet? What are your thoughts? Are you ready for new music from Kendrick? Let us know on HNHH!