Kendrick Lamar Takes A Triumphant Victory Lap In “Not Like Us” Music Video

The wait is over. Kendrick Lamar is poppin’ out today with the “Not Like Us” music video. Social media and Kendrick fans alike couldn’t be more excited that it’s finally here. After weeks of teasing and speculation, the video is here and it quite literally features the whole city. The buzz around the “Not Like Us” music began last month when news broke that Kendrick Lamar was filming the video in his hometown of Compton. Reports of him being surrounded by a large crowd of fans and fellow artists heightened expectations for what was to come. Kendrick’s connection to Compton has always been a significant part of his identity as an artist, and fans couldn’t wait to see how this would be portrayed in the visuals.

True to Kendrick’s style, the “Not Like Us” video delivers a compelling narrative through a series of vivid scenes and symbolic imagery. One striking moment towards the end captures Kendrick looking at an owl trapped in a bird cage. Moreover, this is a a scene that definitely carries deeper layers of meaning, and is a direct shot at rival Drake‘s OVO imagery. In addition, there’s of course other imagery embedded within the video. But you’ll have to see for yourself.

Watch The “Not Like Us” Music Video By Kendrick Lamar

Clocking in at just under six minutes, the “Not Like Us” video is a visual feast. It’s filled with dancing, iconic stops at spots such as Tam’s Burgers, and several cameo appearances. The comment section is already filled with tons of support. “Kendrick really gave us the song of the century,” one person wrote. Similar to his The Pop Out event on Juneteenth, each new element of the song “Not Like Us” contributes another unforgettable moment to history.

Moreover, the release of “Not Like Us” music video brings the song to life in a new way. One thing is certain: Kendrick Lamar’s impact on the music industry remains as profound and relevant as ever. What do you think of the music video? Did Kendrick pop out and show n****s? Share your thoughts on HNHH!