Kevin Durant Refuses To Bring Women Around IShowSpeed

Kevin Durant and IShowSpeed are an unlikely combo. They’re complete opposites in terms of demeanor and temperament. Durant is chilled out as can be on the basketball court. IShowSpeed, meanwhile is the definition of spontaneous energy. That being said, the two men are friendly. They even sat down for a joint appearance on the Impaulsive Podcast on July 9. When it came time to discuss dating situations, though, Kevin Durant laid down a hard rule. No women around IShowSpeed.

The whole interaction came about when IShowSpeed asked if Durant would go on a two-man with him. The NBA superstar took a beat before saying: “I would not bring any women around you.” IShowSpeed is surprised by the response, and claims that he’s good with women. Kevin Durant doubled down. “If they fresh, and I never met ’em before,” he asserted. “And their first entry point with me is with you? No.” It proceeded to crack up IShowSpeed and the hosts of the podcast. There was no ill will between the two men, however, as the topic quickly shifted to the planning of IShowSpeed’s 21st birthday.

Kevin Durant Spent The Podcast Roasting IShowSpeed

This isn’t the only time during the podcast that Kevin Durant and IShowSpeed talked women, however. The latter tried to give Durant advice on how pick up women. He claimed that the NBA superstar got his heart broken and needed advice on how to get back in the mix. This once again led to a hilarious string of jabs from Durant. “Stop talking to me like I need advice on women, bro,” he stated. “Every time I explain my stance to people they say some sh*t like that. Like ‘damn bro you just been hurt’ but like I enjoy spending time with them it’s just maybe not as long as you like to spend time with people, man.”

Kevin Durant claimed that he only spends a few days at a time with women. He then delivered arguably the most hilarious roast of IShowSpeed in the entire podcast. He denigrated the Twitch streamer for his age, and warned him not to make comparisons. “Bro you’re 16 do not compare yourself to me,” Durant stated. “You have no other resources but your hand please don’t put me in that same tier as you.” That brought the house down in terms of laughter. Durant and IShowSpeed may not be similar, but it’s hard to deny they’re a funny duo.

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