Keyshia Cole Has A Night Out Wearing Hunxho’s Chain

Dating rumors between Keyshia Cole and Hunxho started with a night out at a club. Now almost exactly a month later yet another night out is making waves. That doesn’t mean it’s been all smooth sailing in-between though. Even the initial rumors were dramatic in the wake of Hunxho appearing in a Sexyy Red music video shortly before they took off. That’s set the tone for the past month of speculation that the pair have dealt with on social media.

When Cole officially confirmed the relationship online, it didn’t slow down any drama. That came from fan criticism of her quickly moving on to a new relationship. While she appreciates how protective her fans are of her, she also thinks they’re doing it wrong. Her tweet refuted allegations of daddy issues and claimed that she had a good father figure. Since then it’s been Gloss Up and Antonio Brown trying to sneak themselves into the situation that’s made waves. But now Cole seems to be once again affirming her commitment to Hunxho despite the drama. Check out a video from their newest night out below.

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Keyshia Cole Sporting Hunxho’s Chain

Over the weekend, video hit the internet of Cole out and about sporting Hunxho’s chain. The video seemed to confirm that she’s remained committed to him even though some of the drama that has emerged in the short time they’ve been public about their relationship. As you’d expect, plenty of fans had something to say about the new video. But surprisingly, many of their comments has more to do with leaving Cole alone and letting her be than anything else. “Plot twist : Keisha is literally just having fun with ole boy . She’s 40 , she looks good , and she’s having her way !!!! Pipe down” one of the top comments on the post reads.

What do you think of Keyshia Cole reaffirming her commitment to Hunxho by wearing his chain during a night out? Do you agree with fans that people online need to leave her alone more often? Let us know in the comment section below.

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