Khalid Finds His Groove On Seductive New Single “Adore U”

Khalid broke out as a pop star. His debut single, “Location,” was a top 20 crossover hit, and he’s followed this trajectory for the bulk of his career. Khalid’s vocals are smooth, but he never pushes them too far in a particular genre direction. That’s what makes his new single, “Adore U,” so interesting. The singer, who hasn’t dropped an album since 2021, gives fans a song that is explicitly more R&B than anything he has attempted in a long time. And it works.

“Adore U” is not trying to be a snappy radio hit. It prides itself on mood, and despite being less than three minutes, it packs a lot. The lyrics are romantic, per Khalid’s usual, but there’s more of a wistfulness than usual. Call it maturity, or just a lyrical change to suit the song. The chorus of the song is buttery smooth. “High, we should just smoke. We should get high, we should just,” he sings. “High, we should just float
If you can fly, we should just (Fall into my arms, let mе adore you).” The short runtime works in favor of the song’s replay value. If this is a sign of what Khalid’s forthcoming album is going to sound like, then get ready for lots of of “mature” thinkpieces about his musical progression. Not a bad thing. Based on this song, it’s actually pretty exciting.

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