Latto Makes Generous Donations To Fans After Bragging About Her Wealth

Latto is feeling the love of wealth and even sharing it with some of her fans. The superstar rapper recently took to Twitter to discuss just how good it feels to be able to eat whatever she wants. “My fav thing about being rich is going out to eat damn near every day & ordering wtvr tf I got a taste for” her tweet read. While it’s racked up more than 23 million likes not everyone approves of the message coming at the time it did.

Subsequently in a quote tweet responding to the post, a fan takes issue with her timing. “Not rn Latto. Pls. It’s rent szn.” their response reads. Clearly, the message resonated with Latto who came up with a pretty great way to apologize. “Sorry, how much is ur rent & what’s ur cash app” she ask’s the fan. But after they respond she doesn’t just pay their rent, but even sends them a little bit of extra on top. The same is the case for a fan who responds to the original post asking to experience the thrill of ordering without having to worry about money for themselves. The “Big Energy” rapper once again sends the fan even more than they were originally asking for. Check out the tweet that started the generous apologies below.

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Latto Hooking Her Fans Up With A Pay Day

Over the weekend, Latto was getting fan’s attention for an entirely different reason. She shared a workout video online that was probably never meant to be about her routine in the first place. Instead, fans honed in on how great she looked in the clip. Additionally she dropped some bikini pics earlier this month that showed she’s ready to get summer started early this year.

What do you think of Latto paying for rent and food for some of her followers on Twitter? Do you think she should have thought first before making the original tweet about being rich? Let us know in the comment section below.

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