Latto & Yung Miami Party To Former’s Alleged Ice Spice Diss In The Club

There’s nothing quite like hearing a hit song blaring over the speakers and looking over to see the artist who made the song partying to it along with you. Moreover, that’s exactly what folks at a strip club witnessed when Latto came into the venue, accompanied by City Girls member Yung Miami. They threw stacks of cash and rapped along to the former’s 2024 hit “Sunday Service,” and many folks took particular note of Caresha being alongside the 777 artist. That’s because a lot of people see this track as a marker of loyalty, given that many fans think that it’s a pointed diss towards Ice Spice.

Furthermore, the “cold war” between her and Latto’s been a hot topic of conversation for some time now, with things really becoming a narrative this year. Their back-and-forth singles (which fans think included subliminals at each other), plus some apparent references in their promotion, led many to believe there’s animosity between them. Whether or not there actually are any issues with Ice Spice doesn’t matter, because that’s the marketing and public narrative that both the artists and the fans are running with right now. As such, this is a myth becoming reality in a pretty weird way.

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Latto Seems To Earn Yung Miami’s Loyalty In Ice Spice Feud As They Party To “Sunday Service”

Of course, it’s entirely possible that this feud between Latto and Ice Spice is legit, and not just the product of misogynistic PR wanting to pit femcees against each other. But Yung Miami’s inclusion in all this is curious, because if fans’ conspiracy theories are to be believed, then the Nicki Minaj affiliate through JT should in theory be a Spice supporter. But it goes to show that things are never that simple, and that no artist should be immediately prohibited from fraternizing with another based on petty competition or narratives. Also, the City Girl’s got other fish to fry in the beef section.

Meanwhile, it seems like the “Put It On Da Floor” lyricist is having a lot of fun as of late, as she also enjoyed a club outing with Rubi Rose. Maybe they’ll collab again in the future and we can add more weaving webs in this femcee beef universe. Or just, you know, focus on the competitive releases and the artistry itself. Either way, for more news and updates on Latto, Yung Miami, and Ice Spice, log back into HNHH.

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