Lauryn Hill And Fugees Announce Dates For 2024 Anniversary Tour

The Fugees have a famously contentious history. Personal relations were horrible between Pras, Wyclef Jean and Lauryn Hill for years, as evidenced by lyrics in their subsequent solo works. Fortunately, they’ve been able to set their differences and reunite in the mid-2000s and the 2020s. The Fugees intended to celebrate the anniversary of their iconic album, The Score, with a 2021 tour, but the pandemic led to its cancelation. Now, the trio are trying to celebrate another iconic album on the road.

Lauryn Hill’s solo debut, The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, turned 25 in 2023, and the singer made plans to tour the album alongside the other Fugees. Hill’s vocal strain diagnosis in September, however, led to yet another cancelation. That’s two major cancelations in the span of two years. As they, third time is a charm. Hill, Pras, and Wyclef Jean have announced plans to resume the tour this August. Despite being months removed from the Miseducation anniversary, the tour is still being sold as a celebration of the album. This makes sense, given Apple Music’s recent declaration that Miseducation is the greatest album of all time.

Lauryn Hill Was Forced To Cancel Shows Back In 2023

The ticket pre-sale kicks off Wednesday, June 26. Regular sale will be made available two days later. Hill issued a statement regarding the tour, and the Fugees reunion, in 2023. She explained her reasoning for revisiting the two pieces of her musical past. “I’ve almost felt compelled to carry a torch. Or to keep a light shining regarding the continual performance of the Miseducation album,” she told fans. “I believe there’s been a reason for that. And the Fugees coming back together for performances too feels like unfinished business we’re destined to handle.”

Lauryn Hill has been busy this year. At least, that’s the rumor. The singer was asked when she’d be releasing new music back in May. Surprisingly, she told TMZ reporters “soon.” Her son, YG Marley, backed up the claim. “Music is on the way,” Marley claimed. “For real this time.” Lauryn Hill has been teasing new music for over a decade, but has never been so direct regarding a timeline. Assuming the anniversary tour goes well, and the new album comes out, Hill fans could be getting everything they’ve ever wanted in one year.

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