Lil Scrappy Accuses Bambi Of Treating Him Like An Option Amid Erica Dixon Reunion Rumors

It’s no secret that Lil Scrappy and his ex-wife Bambi don’t get along, and according to him, it’s for a good reason. During a recent chat with fans on Instagram Live, the Love & Hip Hop star reflected on their relationship, revealing that it ultimately taught him what he’s looking for. He described being made to feel like an “option” during the marriage, claiming that he won’t let that happen again.

“What I’m not finna do though is let a motherf*cker make me an option,” he began. “I did that when I was married, I did that before I was married, I did that even after I was married for a little bit until I went cr*zy. I really went cr*zy and lost my mind… But I’m learning that I already know what I want.”

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Lil Scrappy Reflects On His Marriage To Bambi

“I want somebody that’s gonna take accountability,” he continued. “That’s knowledgeable about life, God… With or without kids already.” Lil Scrappy went on to detail his ideal woman, which got fans thinking. As of late, there have been rumors flying that he and another one of his exes, Erica Dixon, are more than just co-parents. This speculation was only compounded last month when the duo shared some fun clips and photos of a helicopter ride they took together.

Even their daughter Emani is in on the rumors. She trolled her mother last week on Instagram with a post suggesting that she might go back to her ex. What do you think of Lil Scrappy’s recent claims about his ex-wife, Bambi? Do you agree with what he said about being treated like an option? What about rumors that he and his other ex Erica Dixon are more than co-parents? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below, and keep an eye on HNHH for more updates.

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