Lil Wayne Breaks Silence After Skipping Cash Money Reunion Show

Lil Wayne is the biggest star to come out of Cash Money bar none. Juvenile has classics, and Birdman rode coattails, but Weezy is the main attraction when it comes to the label’s legacy. His absence at the recent Cash Money reunion was deafeningly loud, as a result. The thing that made it worse is that Wayne was already at the Essence Festival, where the reunion took place. He simply refused to celebrated 30 years of Cash Money onstage. Instead, he waited and performed a solo set after the rest of his former label wrapped up their time.

Lil Wayne hopped on Instagram Live on July 7th to give his side of the story. Well, sort of. Instead of issuing an apology, or offering an excuse as to why he didn’t show up, he shared an anecdote. “Funny story,” the rapper explained. “I got hit up by somebody, somebody text me. I guess they had been at the show too long or something and they said, ‘You wrong. You know you should have came out. You’re wrong, Wayne. You had all these f*cking fans out here… didn’t come. You know you should have.'”

Lil Wayne Isn’t Involved With The Hot Boys Album

Weezy didn’t shut down the idea that he should have attended, but he didn’t take it seriously, either. He instead took a playful tone with the person who messaged him. “I’m like, ‘What you talking about?,” the rapper recalled while smiling. “The afterparty or something?'” Lil Wayne clearly did not have an interest in revisiting the past, but that doesn’t mean he has ill will towards the rest of the label. He didn’t mention Juvenile, Mannie Fresh, or B.G. by name but he did a general shout out to “all the artists that performed” at the Essence Festival.

Lil Wayne has always pleaded ignorance with regards to the rumored Hot Boys album. Hot Boys was the Cash Money group consisting of Lil Wayne, Juvenile, B.G. and Turk, and rumors have swirled for a few months that a comeback project is in the works. Let Weezy tell it, though, and he has no clue what’s happening with it. During a June appearance on the Not Just Football podcast, the rapper claimed he wasn’t involved at all. “Sh*t, you just told me,” he quipped. It’s a difficult time to be a Cash Money fan.

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